Tuesday, February 13, 2007

the end

i thought i'd come back and write an ending to my blog for two reasons. one, i just felt a little weird leaving it open ended, i guess i wanted to close out this part of my life. two, i feel like i have the rare migraine success story, and i didn't want to deprive the odd migraine sufferer stumbling across this the hope my story affords.

so. to sum up. i was stuck at home, having to avoid light, noise, and smells, watching movies all day long. i went to the mayo clinic and was hospitalized at jefferson for over a week all without results. but i found my miracle drug. and when drugs work, it truly seems like a miracle. seroquel has given me my life back. i did have a little episode of being bad again and being stuck in my room for a week, but it was only because i accidentally was taking too little medication.

i moved out in january into an awesome apartment with an awesome roommate. we go out to the theater, have dinner parties, and i'm sure will go to many museums. i am interning at my two top choice internships in the world, and they are great, exciting, and career advancing. while my boyfriend is still an hour away (if we were in the same city my life would truly be perfect), he stuck with me through all this and even more crappy things in my life that never made it in here, and is really the perfect boyfriend. basically i couldn't imagine my life being better right now. there's nothing overwhelmingly fantastic happening, things are good. and life being good is a damned nice change. i still have a headache every minute of every day, but seroquel has made it obsolete. aside from small things like not drinking coffee, it's not really a factor in my life anymore.

fellow migraine sufferers: i know the world is full of people whose migraines seem to be destined to ruin their entire lives. i can't express how blessed i feel to have escaped that, and i know i am the exception. but, i exist. i hope the fact that i got through this can help you, even if it just lets you just get through today. if your doctor's bad, find another one. find one who will be aggressive until and past she sees results. i hope medicine advances enough so that this can happen to everyone with migraines.


Blogger meichner said...

I've never responded to a blog before -- too old and technologically behind. But I read your entire blog tonight with tears in my eyes. I'd been researching the side effects of seroquel for my 13-year old, whose story sounds remarkably similar to yours but for the difference in your ages (complete with a constant headache with migraine flare-ups, not leaving the house for months, a trip to MHNI -- in fact we're writing this from Ann Arbor, multiple episodes of Gilmore Girls, physical therapy, attempts at accupuncture, and many, many other similarities.) If you should ever check your blog again and see this, I would love it if you'd email me at meichner@unc.edu.

8:56 PM  
Blogger kirainpdx said...

This also brought tears to my eyes. It gave me hope. Hope I so need. Hope that I will cling to and use to keep pushing forward in my fight to get this damned disease under control.

Thank you!

1:51 PM  
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Blogger Atlanta Plastic Surgeons said...

I agree when the doctor does not help you see good results you must change the doctor and wait for better results.There should always be a hope for betterment and as you experienced probably...maybe..cure.
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Blogger Ldavis 74 said...

Never having suffered a migraine myself I had no idea the severity on a persons life they could have until a friend and seeing some info on some programs like fox and The journal with Joan Lunden that i realized how debilitating it could be. That same friend found a cure as well through natural means and it is possible, great to hear your story.

10:25 AM  

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